Scatter Brained is an EP by Retard-O-Bot. It was released on April 19, 2003. Scatter Brained was a major turning point for Retard-O-Bot's history. The EP was the first to feature T.J. Brainz in the studio on drums, the last to feature Johnny Robot in the lineup, and the first of many albums to be endowed with R.O.B.'s new sound: lyrically, it was abrasive, dark, angry, and very serious. Sound-wise, the Bot strayed from their usual digital hardcore genre for a heavier industrial metal sound with some grunge influences.

After the release, Johnny Robot left Retard-O-Bot, as he was uneasy with the way the band was going.

Scatter Brained

Track ListingEdit

1. Scatter Brained

2. Ruby Cannon

3. White Devil

4. Ugly

5. Sharp Tongue

6. Pollution Pump

7. Almost

8. Scanner

9. X-Rated

10. Teacher's Edition

11. Untitled (often referred to as "Final Song")

Track 11 was not listed on the album.


Peter Pepper: Vocals, electronic sequences

Johnny Robot: Vocals, guitar, electronic sequences

T.J. Brainz: Live & studio drums.