The Rabid EP was a limited-edition extended play album by Florida rock band Retard-O-Bot. It was released on April 8, 2004. Rabid was exclusively available ONLY at live shows during a mid-2004 tour.

The EP was also the first Retard-O-Bot record to feature Benny Normal on bass guitar and keyboards.

In 2007, Retard-O-Bot re-recorded songs from Rabid and included them on a new album.
Rabid EP

Track listingEdit

1. Rabid

2. Too Many Chiefs

3. Role Models

4. Quit Lyin'

5. Scatter Brained (1994 Mix)

6. White Devil (I'm Lovin' It Mix)


Peter Pepper: Vocals, electronic sequences

Benny Normal: Bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer

T.J. Brainz: Drums

Trevor Jr. (Travis Inskeep): Guitar