The December 2000 massacre was a major event in Retard-O-Bot's history. On December 6, 2000, Retard-O-Bot played a show for DIY records at the State Theatre. The concert consisted of, besides ROB's usual antics, Peter Pepper lighting chunks of styrofoam--and the stage--on fire. Afterwards, Johnny Robot and Peter "hauled ass to the yuck truck" while their crew grabbed what they could, then drove to safety before being caught. Retard-O-Bot watched from a safe distance as the concert attendants burned their shirts and broke their CDs.[1]


The results of the massacre were enormous. Retard-O-Bot was not signed to DIY, the State Theatre banned them from playing there ever again, and numerous copies of 8-Track were lost.

In Retard-O-Bot's own wordsEdit

(Taken from, screenshot of on February 5, 2002)

'december 6, 2000

"Retard-0-Bot 2000 nearly banned from the state theatre!!!"

after setting the stage on fire and burning chunks of styrofoam indoors, in a semi-succesful attempt to give everyone brain damage.

"Retard-0-Bot 2000 barely escapes with thier lives!!!"

after playing DIY records (known for its violent oi punk concert-goers) Peter and Johnny hauled ass to the yuck truck for safety, while crew (in disguise) grabbed what they could before being recognized as retards. The band watched from afar as the angered kids broke their cds and burned thier shirts.[2]


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