Cassette Tape is Retard-O-Bot's second demo album. It was released on July 21, 2001. It contained twelve songs plus a hidden track that Peter recorded alone. The demo, just like 8-Track, was in limited supply and is found only among die-hard fans.

Cassette Tape
In early September 2001, the song "Facade" from Cassette Tape was featured as MP3 of the week on

Track listingEdit

1. Facade

2. Entertainment

3. Stud Punch

4. Meet Retard-O-Bot 2000

5. HayGar

6. Jox

7. Zorro

8. The Driver

9. Cliche

10. Norris

11. The Auctioneer

12. Bed Time

13. Hidden Track (Shh...)


Peter Pepper: Vocals, electronic sequences

Johnny Robot: Vocals, guitar, electronic sequences

Timbo (T.J. Brainz): Live and some studio drums