8-Track is Retard-O-Bot's first demo album. It was released on October 7, 2000. Very few

8 Track
people own this demo, and it was mainly used for promotional reasons.

The number of copies still around is much lower than the number produced: Besides some being lost, a large massacre resulted in many of the demos being destroyed. Retard-O-Bot played a concert for DIY Records (known for its violent Oi Punk concert-goers, as Peter says) on Dec. 6, 2000. The Bot set fire to the stage and hurled burning chunks of styrofoam "in a semi-successful attempt to give everyone brain damage." After grabbing what they could and escaping before anybody could catch them, the band "watched from afar as the angered kids broke their CDs and burned their shirts."[1]

As the name suggests, 8-Track had eight tracks, but it was not, however, released on 8-track. Each song on the CD were under two minutes long.

Track listingEdit

1. Arsenio Hall

2. Anthem

3. Polish the Chrome

4. Killjoy

5. Chief Smoke 'em Rot

6. Slow Dance

7. Dancing Machine

8. Junk Mail


Peter Pepper: Vocals, electronic sequences

Johnny Robot: Guitar, vocals, electronic sequences

Timbo (T.J. Brainz): Live drums